{Pink trees for Pauline} 
"create awareness, unite communities and raise money for those afflicted with cancer"


Hello everyone, 

I saw the bright PINK material wrapped around the trees last year in October and wondered.... now I see it starting again.

Then someone told me it was for breast cancer awareness.  That didn't really satisfy my curiosity, cause... why would people buy material and wrap it around trees, how does it benefit anyone.. and who is it?

It's people like you and me, anonymously running around, wrapping trees (or other things) in pink material! We even had pink material all the way down our road to the farm. I had no idea who did it?

This project was all started by ONE person who lost her mother and grandmother, (both named Pauline) to cancer. 

I'm always astonished and amazed by the POWER of a single person to make a difference. This is a project I will support.  Read more here if you wish

*PS for those of you who haven't seen me with my new WHITE hair.. don't be afraid, YET, cause I'm going to add a bit 'o PINK


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