"Recognize the full worth of, be grateful for..."


Hello to you all...

My hand is recovering slowly. I still have a long way to go until I can use it properly.  It is SO frustrating doing everything with one hand... many things are simply impossible.

I have had to SLOW DOWN.

This is a good thing. It has given me time to really THINK, to appreciate. There are so many beautiful things that surround me that I FORGET to acknowledge when I am rushing around making a living. :-)

I have looked again at the wonderful view on our farm, seen and LOVED some amazing new art works, listened to some great music and generally allowed the beauty and warmth of my environment to distract me from my discomfort.

Mostly however,

IT'S YOU our loyal customers that we appreciate the MOST!

Red Barn had a record breaking month AGAIN.  Our highest turnover ever and a record number of new customers.



Red Barn FREE RANGE Specials:

  • Mini Breast Fillets - The most tender part of the chicken R36.50
  • PET MINCE - R14.50 Still on special this week
  • Chicken Necks - R16.50
  • Gizzards - R16.50 FOR 500G
  • SOUP PACKS - R15 for 1kg! Order Early if you need bulk.
  • BUTTERFLIED CHICKENS -  plain, sweet Texan or Lemon & Herb R76 !!

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If you prefer, you can

E-mail your order to Anthea info@redbarn.co.za

or call her on 044 876 0014

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Cheers for now, Lindy and Filip
Filip's cell - delivery queries 084 437 2228


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Plett drop off is NEXT TO OLD NICKS between 12 and 12.30 on Fridays,
we also deliver in Knysna, Sedgefield, Wilderness on Fridays and George on Thursdays - call for more info!