{The Hensioners} 
"Chickens henergizing the elderly"


Hello to you all...

Where will you live, should you move to a smaller house, will you have enough money,  where should you invest it, should you stay with your children, should you go to an old age home, is this country safe..?

These are the worries of the hensioners. It's no fun to be a burden to your family when you grow old, but LONLINESS and boredom are serious problems faced by the elderly.  Hens can help!

Henpower in the UK, encourages older people to get involved in hen keeping as a way of

  • reducing isolation
  • increasing health and wellbeing.
  • Preventing loneliness
  • Providing seniors with socialization by meeting others while care taking their hens and incubating eggs.
  • Encouraging seniors to be creative by designing coops and purchasing  and showing rare hen breeds.
  • Creates intergenerational exchanges by visiting school children.
  • Helping to lift the spirits of other seniors by visiting care homes with their hens.
  • Encouraging activity and maintaining fitness levels.

I think this is a great project. I need to think of a way to bring it to South Africa! 

If you have a second, and a high speed line, have a look at this video, The Hen Men.  It's really special.


We have SLIGHTLY "OLDER" BIRDS in stock that have been allowed to get nice and BIG.  Order about a 2.2kg for 6 - 8 people. 

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