"is like being pecked to death by chickens" D C King


Hello to you all...

I raised 3 children of my own, (well the last little munchkin was actually kinda "dragged" up" without a care or a worry..)

My first two grandchildren are both in their second year. As an "experienced mother", I smile and wink as I watch most parents of this age group getting WELL and TRULY PECKED!

Pecking is a process that ends up with leaders and followers, neatly sorted into position according to physical and/or mental strength. Someone has to be on the TOP. It happens to us all, not only when raising children, in life as well. There is always someone higher up than you, right? You have to learn to accept it.

Eventually you know how much pecking you will take and how much you will peck.  This is what determines your status and position on the ladder of life. 

Parents eventually come to recognize that there is a tiny little being in their lives that is pecking as hard as they can. They are trying to find their rightful place on the ladder that is home. It's a good thing and it's one of the first lessons in life.

It's not their place to be on the top....

Stand up TALL, Make yourself look BIG, Do NOT give in, say NO with a stern face, clearly apply YOUR rules and take up PRIME position in the home, or risk being pecked to death because you are considered weak.

To see this in action .....

Visit RED BARN free range farm where our chickens are free to express natural behaviours and behave like chickens should.


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