{Words are things} 
"They get in your wallpaper. They get in your rugs, in your upholstery, in your clothes, and finally, into you."  ~ Maya Angelou


Hello to you all...

It's been a week of many WORDS.

When your family is living far apart, words are what connect you. Texts, phones, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and emails are just the new ways we use to transport our words.

Somehow, it seems that words lose their power as they are diluted in cyberspace. They become things that can be rejected, deleted, ignored, ridiculed, admired, misunderstood, forwarded to others, untimely, invasive and sometimes even annoying.

Words said face to face have far more power.  Tone of voice, eye contact, body language, mood and presense enhance the real meaning of your words. Perhaps we hide in the "gadgets" where it is safe to say things you probably never would if you were "face to face"?

Anyway I found a few inspiring words that I hope will brighten your day!


Have a look at our NEW PRODUCTS section. As alway, these products have been tried and tested by us and they are TOP quality!

Cherry Belle Peppers - there is a great recipe for Peppadew chicken here.

T-Bone or Club Steaks. REAL grass fed beef steak.  Beautifully marbled meat with proper yellow fat and a dark red colour.  Fully matured.  Each steak is individually vacuum sealed. They are about 300g each. We will weigh them and we will send you an invoice with the final price.

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  • De-Boned Thighs R46.50
  • Real BEEF Steaks *NEW*
  • Macadamia Nut Oil R45
  • Pet Mince R15
  • Chicken Minced breast R41.50
  • Soup packs R15
  • Triple orange spray and Gel combo
  • Butterflied flatties  R82


Filip's cell - delivery queries 084 437 2228

OR E-mail your order to Anthea info@redbarn.co.za or call her on
044 876 0014

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Cheers for now, Lindy and Filip


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