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Hello to you all...

Today the 17th of February, 2015 is the momentous occasion of the arrival of my dear Mother and Father.

They are coming home to roost at Red Barn, permanently.

My dad is 93 and my Mom is 84. My dad farmed all his life and I am sure he is going to tell me exactly what I am doing wrong!

So please excuse the brief email as I am busy preparing for their arrival.

We are truly grateful for all your support.

Our little business is going from strength to strength and now it is possible to care for my parents in their golden years.


Thank you Specials this week

  • PET MINCE *still on super special* R14 - New batch pure chicken!
  • Butterflied chickens - Choose from plain, mild Texan or lemon and herb. HUGE SAVING R80 each 
  • Chicken LIVER- CRAZY price R19!
  • Breast Fillets BONE IN SKIN ON. They are great on the braai or roasted only R39.50 
  • Beef STEAKS - T-Bones and Club steaks.  Beautifully marbled, really pasture fed meat. DELICIOUS ( we have to weigh them so price on the site is approximate for a 300g steak) They are R119 per kg... 
  • BEEF BOEREWORS no gluten or fillers, just PURE BEEF only R43.50. This wors is also selling really well!


  • Free range EGGS
  • Amazing creamy FETA
  • Farm BUTTER
  • Unheated Honey
  • Macadamia and coconut OIL

Red Barn Special Sale Offers

Cheers for now,

Lindy and Filip
Filip's cell - delivery queries ONLY
084 437 2228


E-mail your order to Anthea Info@redbarn.co.za

Or go to our shop

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Plett drop off is NEXT TO OLD NICKS between 12 and 12.30 on Fridays,
we also deliver in Knysna, Sedgefield, Wilderness on Fridays and George on Thursdays - call for more info!