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Hello to you all...

Our last email for the year, 2013. This year went by faster than a .. Speeding PULLET.. :-)

"Cock and bull" advice for 2014

How about you hatch an idea for next year? Donít brood too much over it, or run around like a chicken with its head cut off worrying if you can do it. Stick your neck out, be cock sure of yourself, not everyone and everything is a bad egg.

If someone doesnít like your idea or criticizes you, you can always call them a bird brain, or get madder than a wet hen or as a last resort wring their neck. All of which should guarantee you move one up in the pecking order.

Stop Fussing like an old hen, Quit your squawking, donít get cooped up. Strut your stuff out there in 2014, even if your dream is like finding hens teeth, you will never be caught with egg on your face if you really believe in yourself.

If you were born lucky, even your rooster will lay eggs. If not, remember, many a a rich bird feathers his nest by fowl means so donít get your hackles up, fly the coop or come home to roost, be where you can rule the roost so you never have to experience empty nest syndrome.

I hope your New year's celebrations make you feel as happy as a rooster in a hen house and that you build up your NEST EGG in 2014 without working as hard as a hen hauling wood.

Get Cock-eyed on New yearís eve, and donít walk on eggshells in the morning so the kids can sleep in. Youíve already counted your chicks and theyíve all hatched, now they must learn, Fine feathers donít mean you can fly. Unfortunately extreme partying is not all itís cracked up to be and in the morning you usually donít have anything to crow about.

So be safe and have fun,
with love from, the Grumpy old hen

Specials this week - for your braai!

Sundowner wings - spicy, not hot
Sosaties and Flatties
- DRUMSTICKS - awesome to braai
- 12 pce
PLAIN WINGS - great, great price.. seeriously
PET MINCE - we processed LOTSA chicken over the festive season and now your pets can benefit.

Go see the specials page

We have FULL STOCKS!  WOW, I can't believe we did it.  I went to Checkers, Pick and Pay, 3 Spars and Fruit and Veg City today and they had just about nothing.. prices were also really insane. NOTHING under R54 per kg for whole chicken (We are R46) and more than R75 per kg for anything cut (we are about R55 per kg).

We have kept our price constant, since MAY!!

Woopee, we are proud and we hope you continue to support us as much as you did this year..



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Filip's cell number is 084 4372 228

ps We'd rather "put socks on a banty rooster" than get on your bad side, so if you donít like our hens advice for 2014 you can always tell her to cluck off. Unsubscribe below.

Otherwise have a wonderful celebration with your brood and we wish you all the best for the next year.

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