{a sign} 
"an object, event, or entity whose presence indicates the probable presence of something else"


Hello to you all...

For me, Ebola is the most frightening SIGN warning us of the "ill health" of our planet. Next is the SIGNS of war. Israeli and Hammas warlords cannot hold a cease fire, for just 90 minutes, even for humanitarian reasons! On top of that, we can't find a single SIGN of a downed airplane, which must be somewhere on our planet...?

For me, these things are SIGNS....

THAT I should never watch the news again!

Why get all stressed about things that I can do nothing about? I'd rather live in the moment, be kind, generous, loving and caring to ALL creatures in our universe and HOPE, that if I lead by example, others will become happily infected.


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Cheers for Now,  Lindy & Filip


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