an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering"

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Hello to you all...

Red Barn is totally against GMO's. However, things sometimes get a little hectic here when I have to email 30 people who are asking me if my chickens are GMO, contain GMO, eat GMO, breathe GMO or even poop GMO.. (is your Nkuku poopoo organic?)

Our chickens are NOT Genetically Modified! Broiler chickens are developed by natural selection and bred for certain traits, just like many other domesticated animals. Our Boschveld layers are like Nguni cows. Indigenous, precious and totally unique to our country.

I've seen so many health shops and farmers markets selling their "ORGANIC" eggs and chickens. This is so WRONG and unfair - PLEASE ask them who they are certified with?

Organic Certification is a humungus undertaking, just because your chickens eat your garden scraps, does not make them organic, in fact, they MUST EAT a certified organic chicken feed to use the word "organic".

There are NO Certified ORGANIC CHICKEN producers in South Africa. This is largely due to the fact that SA maize and soya contain GMO. (and only one certified organic egg producer who sells only to woolies)

When the day comes that we can buy certified organic feed, I'm sure Red Barn will be the very first truely organic chicken farm as we way exceed all the other organic requirements. 

Its Pet's SPECIAL week..

  • Chicken Pet mince R14
  • Necks, Gizzards R12.50
  • Walkies (feet) R10
  • Talkies (heads) R5
  • Fat and skin R10.50
  • Liver R20.50
  • Soup packs (crunchy carcasses) R12!!

Non GMO humans are welcome to try

  • Chicken Thighs Bone in R48.50
  • Deboned chicken thighs R44.50 Cheep*
  • Yummy grassfed rumpsteak
  • PURE chicken mince - pure, pure meat
  • Chicken Feta & Sage HEALTH SAUSAGE (no bread, gluten, MSG, preservatives etc)


Need some help? Place your order by phone? Call Anthea or Lindy on 044 876 0014 or e-mail us on info@redbarn.co.za

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Plett drop off is NEXT TO OLD NICKS between 12 and 12.30 on Fridays