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Hello to you all...

June was the month I decided to change my lifestyle and GET HEALTHY.

I went to visit my holistic doctor who did all the tests and put me on a month long strict detox, MILLIONS of vitamins and herbs. NO CARBS, NO GRAINS, NO DAIRY, no Coffee, just meat, fish, fat, oil, nuts, seeds and veggies.I thought it would be impossible, but with the right attitude its actually pretty easy.

Then I went to a plastic surgeon and found that I had 5 cancers on my face that need to be removed! NICE ONE.. but fortunately they won't be a problem. (If only we had known when we were young, how dangerous it is to suntan!)

It's HOW you FACE up to these challenges that matters. Your ATTITUDE towards problems determines if you succeed or fail.

I decided to just get on with it, and I will. 

The BantingPaleo or caveman diet, seems to be working for thousands of people. Here at Red Barn we have plenty for you to choose from if you follow a grain free lifestyle. Pure, proper, meat and eggs.  The beef is flying out the shop and we have managed to get some really good prices for you!



Red Barn SPECIALS with attitude

  • Drumsticks really, *cheep R39.99!
  • THIGHS - lots of meat on the bone, great for casseroles R48.50!
  • LEG QUARTERS on special this week so stock up now at only  R39.50!
  • Feta cheese R35
  • Lemon Pork Sausage R39.50


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