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Hello to you all...

DIRT is a word with many meanings.  Can be sexual, political, phobic, horrific, scary.  For me (and my hens) it means SAND and EARTH, something we need to feel on my feet and hands to be whole. (they eat it, fortunately I don't have to)

Why did this word pop into my head this week? Perhaps because the last few days have been the DIRTIEST Filip and I (and our house) have ever been.  THE WIND here was Hectic.  My hens are moulting. There are feathers all over the fields. The HOT gale screamed over the mountains, bringing a mixture of Kalahari red sand and chicken feathers right onto and into my house. (NOT ideal)

Our hens handled the storm by bunching up (outside of their houses) in groups, all with a big strong cockerel or two as support. Heads down, they sat patiently until it the wind suddenly subsided and peace was instantly restored.

The cockerels squwaaked the "OK" signal and everyone dug some (more) holes and chucked the fresh new dirt all over themselves in a frenzied, happy, Kalahari "DIRT BATH!" Oxymoron?
This weeks Dirt Cheep Specials ARE:

Here pet mince.. on super special...

Feta and Sage, chicken breast, fat, salt and pepper AND NOTHING ELSE.. No Gmos, no wheat, no breadcrumbs, no preservatives, hopefully NOTHING that you are allergic to ....

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Thank you ALL for your support, you have NO IDEA how much it means to us.  x



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