when the copper wire is stolen"

Hello to you all...

So here we are, running a farming business, like our wonderful neighbors and  we are ALL without any communications for who knows how long!

It's TOUGH being farmers, but we love the lifestyle, it's what we do. Within a 100km radius, I can almost say (with a modest amount of certainly) that I am the only FARMER that is REALLY CONNECTED.. I stay ahead when comes to  the Internet, social media, Internet marketing, SEO and more. After all, I am a web designer at heart. I must know and embrace all new technology.

This day was my WORST "techie" day EVER. After all my efforts you can hardly contact RED BARN!  (but please keep trying!)

Landline and Internet are off due to stolen copper cables, it could be weeks before it it fixed. My trusty Blackberry, after 5 years, broke. 

I ran to town to get a cell phone, and mobile modem, so I can get emails.  OMG.. my new phone.. so excited. Got home and the A, a, a.. key does not work.. BAD but.. ever optimistic..I call and let them know I need to change it.  "It will take a week or two for a new one". 

SO NOW I'M MAD AS A SNAKE.. I just bought it.. gimme another one.. No,  blaah, blaah, blaah. We opened the box, so "The OUT OF BOX Policy" applies. This means I'm back to my broken one .. for at least 2 weeks.

So while I pay, Hellkom (about R1,200 per month), my Internet provider R450 per month.. and VODACOM an extra contract for R69 per month.. (just in case I can't get connected), and R450 per month for my "new" cell phone.. whew... I have to sell a lot of chickens before I can eat.

Just asking.. where is the refund for services not provided? Surely that's fair?

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Cheers for Now,  Lindy & Filip


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