{Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!} 

              "St. Patrick’s Day Blessing On You (plural)"

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Hello to you all...


Green beer and mad GREEN fun all around the world. What a crazy tradition, but I love it, specially because I have a wonderful, gorgeous, sister who is now 'converted to" Irish (I think?) and lots of fond memories of my travels in Ireland. Sláinte!

It's also HUMAN RIGHTS DAY on Friday, (yes we are delivering, there are no holidays for farmers)

Here in South Africa there is a different meaning to this day, but I choose to celebrate it literally

Human rights - did you know we have 30 of them that we are entitled to, just by being HUMAN?

You can read your rights here, it's really interesting and flipping humbling to know what we are all supposed to be entitled to. I've been so privileged in my life that I never paid attention, what a wake up call, to just think of how many people are "below" this line... Eish not cool.

Now, I hope that there will one day be a BILL OF animal RIGHTS that is adhered to by all.  I know it's a dream and we still haven't got the human part right, but I put it out there in the UNIVERSE as a BIG BIG WISH... RIGHTS for every living creature. If each one of us send a thought out there in the universe, and pray to our respective gods, it will happen.



oops none!


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Cheers for now, Lindy and Filip

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So now ..

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