Fédération Internationale de Football Association"

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Hello to you all...

The FIFA World cup is in full swing! We hope you are all enjoying watching your favourite teams and you are snuggled up on the couch in this wintry weather. Four years ago this event was held right here in South Africa.  I remember it well!

My other business, EarplugsOnline, went CRAZY!

Our "World Famous" MIGHTY earplugs, perfect for blocking out vuvuzela noise, were selling by the hundreds. I was interviewed on the radio and in the newspapers and I remember that my house looked like a huge post office. Filip and I packed and posted earplugs for weeks... *giggle*


We have managed to get a really good price on our beef products.  (new supplier!)

Beef Mince 1kg -  FANTASTIC VALUE at ONLY R63.00 (yes that is for a whole kg)
Beef Burgers 4's - Delicately spiced NO gluten Beef Biltong 200g - sliced, nutritious snack
Beef Droe wors 200g - really dry and not fatty


  • ROASTING CHICKEN - we will select you a nice big bird which is perfect for your ROAST chicken dinner. Our SPECIAL offer on whole roasting chickens this week R89 EACH (that's about R46 per kg) CHEEP
  • Thighs BONE IN (perfect for a chicken bake, or pot roast, lotsa meat) R49.00
  • Thighs - Deboned and delicious, quick and easy to cook, R44.50
  • Mini Breast Fillets - Now this is a bargain - Only R37 per pack - my favourite!

Please note, our chickens are not laying well due to the unseasonal weather, (high winds, hot and cold)  Please order early as we have an


Need some help? Place your order by phone?

Call Anthea or Lindy on 044 876 0014 or e-mail us on info@redbarn.co.za

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Need to contact Filip about a delivery?

Save this number 084 437 2228 - FILIP on Fridays!



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Plett drop off is NEXT TO OLD NICKS between 12 and 12.30 on Fridays