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we all have them"

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Hello to you all...

We still have no landline and limited Internet, but I would rather focus on the precious things in life than dwell on the negative.

When I was taking my kids to school, my Mother used to say  "Drive safely now, you are carrying three precious parcels", it has stuck in my head forever.

Grandchildren, children, partners, siblings, parents and pets. (in no particular order) are my most precious things.. so I decided to share some precious moments and hopefully make you smile >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Sparkling products this week..

  • Drumsticks are our shining stars this week!
  • Our REALLY BIG WHOLE CHICKENS are "Golden" this week. Weighing in at over 2kgs, choose one of these to IMPRESS your family or friends. They are really awesome.
  • Plain wings.. order an 800g pack and we will give you a whole KILO (while stocks last)
  • Our Sage and Feta health sausage is lean, meaty and contains only chicken, sage, feta, salt and pepper.. YUM!
  • Chicken mince, versatile, healthy ONLY chicken meat and fat, nothing else, NADA!
  • The BEEF goulash and mince, well, I had no idea you would all love them so much!

SPECIALS this week click here


or you can still Email Anthea info@redbarn.co.za 

 JUST EMAIL AND SMS.. for now, no landline!

If you are struggling.. try my cell 071 117 3324  or for orders, Anthea's cell 082 371 3185

Red Barn Online Shop is open 


Cheers for Now,  Lindy & Filip


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Plett drop off is NEXT TO OLD NICKS between 12 and 12.30 on Fridays