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Hello to you all...

Have you ever, kinda MISSED a day? 

Well I just did. A WHOLE DAY..!!

I forgot to wake you up this morning with our newsletter... I think it may be something to do with our day olds chicks hatching one day late.

That's what it was, I am sure.. *smile*

Our beef prices have changed a bit, so please check the Burgers, goulash, boerewors and mince again.  The prices are eggcellent.

If anyone is struggling to make it to old Nicks on a Friday, please would you let me know? We may be able to deliver to your home or office if it is easier for you? Just email me!


Our SPECIALS this week

  • De-Boned Thighs ONLY R44.50
  • Thighs - Bone in R49.00
  • Drumsticks - fat, meaty Delicious R45
  • MINI breast fillets Super Special only R34
  • Chicken sausages ONLY R39
  • Pork Sausages

Need some help? Place your order by phone?

Call Anthea on 044 876 0014 or e-mail us on info@redbarn.co.za

Red Barn Online Shop

Cheers for Now,

Lindy & Filip


Online ordering tips

* Don't forget to check the bulk offer category for real bargains. 

* You can see more about a product if you click on it before you add it to your shopping basket


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Plett drop off is NEXT TO OLD NICKS between 12 and 12.30 on Fridays