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Hello to you all...

I was contacted recently by a famous artisan bread company in Cape Town.  "Would I like some breadcrumbs for my chickens?" I jumped at the chance and couriered the designer bread crumbs up to George for a real chicken TREAT.

The hens were SO excited at this NEW food that they were actually FIGHTING each other to get at it. Eina! Scratches and bruises all round... Stress!

So I had an idea... I made a long "breadline" so all the girls had space to eat comfortably, without fighting or stress...  walk and pour, walk and pour... works like a charm!

Suppose it's called "laying" down the line? or is that the law? whatever, same thing..

Cute, simple, baby chicken bread roll... idea for our loyal restaurants? I am sure the children would love it?

Red Barn are going to bring you a few special NEW products that we have tested ourselves.

It's a risk for us, we have worked long and hard for our reputation. If the product is out of stock, not as you expected or something else, perhaps you will judge us!

We are CHICKEN FARMERS with contacts to Real farmers and awesome produce. We need feedback, good and bad. So we are going to try and represent a few selected farms and see what you think?

So far our BUTTER and FETA have been winners!

NEW THIS WEEK (all pasture fed local beef)

  • BEEF BURGERS Pasture fed beef  R38
  • Biltong 200g from pasture fed beef R48
  • Droe Wors 200g from pasture fed beef

Red Barn Specials

  • Drumsticks R43.50 BEST DEAL TODAY!
  • Thighs - Deboned and delicious R44.50
  • Braai/Casserole packs R92.50 individually wrapped 12 portions
  • Go check on the specials page there are lots!


Need some help? Place your order by phone? Call Anthea or Lindy on 044 876 0014 or e-mail us on info@redbarn.co.za

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Need to contact Filip about a delivery? Save this number 084 437 2228 For FILIP on Fridays!



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