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Hello to you all...

It's weird how they always seem to use the word HIKE for petrol increases.  "Price HIKE" in fact is "an abrupt increase or unexpected rise in price."

We are expecting, yet ANOTHER, petrol increase in Feb. It affects everything and at the end of the day the consumers (us) have to pay. (again)

Oh well, we can always ask our employers to HIKE our salaries, right? Or we can learn to hitch-HIKE to work, or we can all get together and tell the A-Rabs to take a friggin hike, and boycott, toy toy or something!! We can't "just suck it up" all the time. What do you think?

Red Barn kept its promise didn't HIKE the PRICES over December. Unlike all the stores who scored gazillions by upping their prices to make a quick buck from the carefree holiday makers.

We haven't had an increase since May last year.  But now we must! Epol has gone up three times, spices, packaging and cleaning stuff, and petrol on top of that. So its back to the drawing board for us to see how we can produce our chickens EVEN MORE cost effectively. I promise I will do my best!


We would Love to EASE YOUR POCKET a little by keeping our prices low and our SPECIALS HOT until the end of January. So go see what we got. There is lots to choose from and we hope you STOCK UP on a few things at the old prices.

** NEW BATCH of fully cooked smoked breast fillets!  A delicious, healthy standby.

Go to the specials page for this week's SUPER SAVERS, you may save enough to fill your tank..!


Need some help? Place your order by phone? Call Anthea or Lindy on 044 876 0014 or e-mail us on


Red Barn Online Shop

SEE you soon,  Lindy & Filip

Don't forget your EGGS, Feta, Honey, Macadamia and Coconut oil and your PET mince. x

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