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Hello to you all...

I had the misfortune to egg-sperience a bad egg yesterday!  OMG I nearly died!  I had forgotten how unpleasant it is. WHEW.. Like their human counterparts, in real LIFE, "bad eggs" HAPPEN, no matter how you try to avoid them.

We try our best to never let a damaged egg off the farm. However, hairline cracks are almost invisible. If an egg is cracked, air gets in and it can go off.

Human bad eggs are also not so easy to spot, they can look perfectly ok on the outside and turn out to be something their mother should have kicked out of the nest before they took their first breath ...

The thing is, if you live in the moment, BAD eggs are merely an irritation. Once you dispose of them, the hydrogen sulphide dissipates into the air and you forget them very quickly.  So if a human bad egg is taking you for a ride, hold your nose tightly and move on. They are not worth it!


Well here we go, the last specials at the old prices.

  • Wings - R40 for 8 BIG ONES
  • Drumsticks - Lots in stock for only R40
  • Pork Sausage R38 for 500g
  • Butter R33 for 500g
  • Mini breast fillets - soft and tender R35!!

And for those of you who scrolled all the way down to here...

First time on SALE for only R33 for half a kg, normally 3 big fillets

Go to the specials page for this week's BARGAINS, Its the end of the month!


Need some help? Place your order by phone? Call Anthea or Lindy on 044 876 0014 or e-mail us on


Red Barn Online Shop

SEE you soon,  Lindy & Filip

Don't forget your Feta, Honey, Macadamia and Coconut oil and your PET mince. x

Oh and your FRESH EGGS *GRIN*

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