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Hello to you all...

One of the most frustrating things about being a female farmer is my LACK OF physical STRENGTH. 

There are just so many heavy things to do on a farm. Even though I consider myself really strong, age is catching up on me and I can no longer lift a feed bag or carry a 20 litre water bucket or dig a trench or carry a box of 15 dozen eggs. Fortunately Anthea is much younger than me and she does lots of lifting in the shop and butchery!

Out there in the fields, there is even heavier work to do.  My little old International Tractor has been out of action for a while now and the jobs were piling up!  After paying someone to mow my fields, so I could find my hens (and the eggs) I decided enough is enough.. Welcome to Rosie II.  75 horsepower is all a girl needs to get the job done! NOTE.. RED..!


So far I have graded the road, sorted out the rubbish pit, mowed the paddocks and moved stuff that needed to be moved.  I LOVE IT.  Me and Rosie are going to make this farm ROCK.. :-)


This week we have something different for you. 

There are still specials on the specials page,

but we have added a DISCOUNT COUPON.

All you need to do is to claim your discount is

  • order R400 or more (specials or normal price)
  • type 20RANDOFF in the GREEN BOX
  • push APPLY and your total will be updated with the R20 discount

Have fun, this is only valid until 28th Feb 2014.

*NB* When ordering online, please continue until you have pushed this button to finally place your order.  You will receive an immediate e-mail confirming your order and then you KNOW we definitely have it.




CHICKEN BREAST bone in, skin on 500g for R39.50 plus a great recipe!

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