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Why Choose Free Range Chicken? What you don’t see when you pick up a “cheep” chicken from your supermarket, is what kind of life the chicken you are buying had.  Do you CARE? maybe you should? Even Free range chickens from those big suppliers are not always really  FREE RANGE, because all growers need to do to comply with the current “free range standard” is give the chickens a little more space and a tiny door leading to the sunlight. They say nothing about growth hormones, antibiotics, animal by- products and the incredible stress (I call it torture) that the chickens are put through when they are grown in cages or densely populated chicken houses. Anyway, an animal that has REALLY grown up on pasture, as Free as a bird, should be, will only Taste better, we guarantee that! Try our free range chicken recipes. Free-ranged chicken is an exceptional source of protein especially if it is free of antibiotics. Over half of the antibiotics fed to mass-produced chickens are identical to the ones administered to humans. It has been well publicized in the media, overuse of such antibiotics can lead to strains of bacteria resistant to antibiotics, opening doors wider for potential human diseases to flourish. We do not use routine antibiotics, but we always reserve the right to medicate sick chickens. Filip has designed a COLD smoker to give our bacon and chicken breasts that wonderful old fashioned “smokey” taste.  Most of the smoked products that you buy nowadays are “smoked” using CHEMICALS, these are not only bad for you but they really don’t taste the same as the REAL smoked products! See our new online free range food order page for more details on how to buy our free range chicken and other farm products Contact us to visit our chicken farm  by using our easy contact form or email us on
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Red Barn Free Range Farm George South Africa
Red Barn FREE Range Chickens are grown on my farm in George, on the magnificent Garden Route of South Africa.  Our farm has the most beautiful view of the Outeniqua Mountain range, it’s close to George Airport and about 10km from the centre of GEORGE in the Western Cape. Our Farm shop is open to the public map to Red Barn Free Range Farm.  People often ask us why our chickens taste so good - so “in an eggshell” read more about free range chicken here  .... We absolutely love our chickens and enjoy inventing new ways to make them happier and more comfortable, out on our pastures.  This is no easy feat as Pasture fed chicken need lots of attention.  This is me, Lindy, (aka “THE FOWL  WOMAN”) I’ve always had a dream to grow chickens in a totally Free environment with moveable shelters.  People thought I was “cuckoo”.. maybe, but we’ve done it!  After much learning and many mistakes it’s  a dream come true!  we are now growing Big, Fat, happy, healthy, FREE chickens and Free range  eggs that taste absolutely “Deevine”. Red Barn has also sourced free range beef, free range pork and many other nutritious goodies from our local farmers.  So contact us for a Red Barn Free range price list. At the moment we deliver by COURIER to CAPE TOWN, PORT ELIZABETH and in between.  We also have a few selected “agents” delivering and stocking our products, have a look here. Red Barn is always at the Outeniqua Farmers Market on Saturday mornings and our shop is also open on the farm until 1pm on a Saturday morning.  Directions to Red Barn Farm If you have dogs in your car PLEASE PHONE US so we can put our VERY large dogs away!
Lindy and the free range chickens “Cluck” Welcome to Red Barn Free Range chicken farm Free Range Chicken and Free Range Eggs
Filip designed, developed and single handedly made our unique chicken houses on sleds that can be moved, fertilizing the ground after each batch of chickens (an added bonus!)  You can see more about the house construction in Our chicken house construction Gallery. You'll be amazed when you first serve your family one of our plump, tender, pasture fed, free range chickens!  Grilled, roasted or Cooked in a Weber, they are bursting with flavour. Grass Fed Chicken - Naturally Pastured, free range chicken and indigenous free range eggs.  We have about 40 products all made with love right here on our farm, order online here. When our customers take their first bite of a Red Barn™ free range chicken, everyone says, "taste's like REAL chicken," It seems we have forgotten what chicken really should taste like. Red Barn's chickens will immediately become the standard by which you judge all other birds. Our small family business tries to produce the very best in free-range, pastured poultry for the true farm fresh quality connoisseur. Also, try our free range eggs mostly laid by our Boschveld Indigenous hens, (we have a few other chicken breeds too) Free range eggs contain about half as much cholesterol, are twice as rich in Vitamin E, up to six times richer in beta carotene and a whopping four times higher in essential omega-3 fatty acids! Taste the difference for yourself! Check our links page to see if there is a stockist in your area or if you can order directly from Red Barn Free Range Chicken Farm! If you would like to know more about how to order our free range chickens have a look here
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